Statutes of Limitations Articles


What is the Statute of Limitations for Oral Copulation with a Minor? (PC 288a)

A statute of limitations is essentially a time limit on prosecuting someone for a crime. If you are not charged for a crime within the statute of limitations, you cannot legally be charged for that crime. These statutes of limitations exist in order to protect the integrity of the judicial process. As time passes, witnesses’ memories fade and evidence deteriorates, and it becomes more difficult to convict someone of a…

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Presumed Innocent: Why Sex Crimes Have Statutes of Limitations

Recent high-profile sex cases have stirred up public opinion regarding statutes of limitations. Due to cases like Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations, renewed attention is being directed to the existence of statutes of limitations on sex-related cases. Very little focus, though, is given to the purpose and reasoning behind these statutes of limitations. While some may think statutes of limitations should be eliminated, statutes of limitations help protect the constitutional…

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