December 5, 2012 By Stephen Klarich

Convictions for sex crimes in California can bring about consequences that go beyond a jail sentence and fines. Crimes such as rape, sexual battery, or lewd conduct with a minor can also trigger a lifelong requirement to register as a sex offender in California. And pursuant to Megan’s Law, a convicted sex offender’s picture and residential information is made public on the program’s website. Although it will not likely affect your obligation to register as a sex offender, there are actions you can take to take yourself off the Megan’s Law website.

The first method is by automatic exclusion. The most egregious of sexual offenses are subject to a full disclosure on the website, but the lesser offenders have very limited or no disclosure at all. These lower-level offenses vary and include charges such as child pornography possession.

The second method is by application for removal. If you qualify, depending on the type of offense you have been convicted of, you would be able to appeal to the California Department of Justice.

You may also seek removal by obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation or a governor’s pardon. These particular documents also work to relieve you of the obligation to register as a sex offender.

If you wish to find out whether you qualify to be removed from the Megan’s Law website, contact our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich today. For over thirty years Wallin and Klarich have been helping clients find ways to be able to remove themselves from having to register as a sex offender per Penal Code Section 290. We have also helped scores of persons have their names removed the Megan’s law website. Please call us today at (877) 466-5245. We have offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange Counties. We will be there when you call.

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