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Are Sex Offenders’ Rights Too Restricted?

Since 2004, convicted sex offenders have been required to register with local law enforcement under California’s Megan’s Law. This allows the public to view information about these sex offenders such as the crime of which they have been convicted and

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The Difference Between Statutory Rape and Rape in California

Couple holding hands having sex inside a car with a steamy window

The crimes of statutory rape and rape are often confused. Although they both involve sexual acts, these crimes are very different under California Law. Let’s examine how the crime of rape is different than the crime of statutory rape.


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What Is the Statute of Limitations For Child Molestation?



Being accused of a sex crime can be a very emotionally difficult experience. The legal process is complicated, and the penalties you face if convicted are harsh and long-lasting. That is why California law attempts to protect people from …

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