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Lewd Acts with a Minor in California

Being convicted of “lewd acts with a minor” under California Penal Code 288 carries severe penalties.  Depending upon the specifics of the case, prosecutors can charge a defendant with either a felony or misdemeanor.  The differences between the two are …

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Case Results: Actual Sex Crime Case Victories Achieved by Wallin & Klarich

  1. A minor was facing felony molestation charges in Juvenile Court.  The individual’s parents retained the services of a Wallin & Klarich

Is It a Crime to Give Someone HIV?

If you willfully pass a sexually transmitted disease, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), onto another person, you could be convicted of a crime. Under California Health and Safety Code Sections 120290 and 120291, it is illegal to intentionally or …

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Is Sexual Battery a Felony? (PC 243.4)

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California Penal Code Section 243.4 defines the crime of sexual battery as the unlawful touching of an intimate part of another person against that person’s will for the purposes of sexual arousal, gratification or abuse.

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Police Seek Public’s Help in Rape Case in Tustin

Orange County law enforcement authorities are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man who is suspected of helping to dump an intoxicated tourist from Australia in a Tustin alley after his friend allegedly raped her in the back of …

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