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Defenses to a Sodomy Charge

Being accused of sodomy can be an emotionally damaging experience. The stigma of a sodomy charge can affect your personal relationships, employment and standing in the community. Sodomy can also lead to serious prison time. However, you can fight the

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Male Nurse Arrested For Sexual Assault

The Orange County Register reported on August 18, 2010, that last month, a 23 year old male victim reported to officers that he was fondled by an employee who was conducting a medical exam, at the Western Medical Center in …

Statement Of Case

Statement Of The Case

Wallin & Klarich wants to know as much about your case as possible. We understand that being arrested and charged with a crime can be very traumatic and uncomfortable. We request that our clients prepare the …

Hug a Student, Go to Prison?

The law firm of Wallin & Klarich has been representing teachers for over 30 years. During that time, we have seen what one would consider a “witch hunt” against teachers by alleging child molestation for merely hugging a student. That …

What You Need to Do if Accused of Rape in Los Angeles County

Valid defenses to child pornography charges could help you avoid punishment.

Being accused of rape in Los Angeles County is extremely serious. Under California Penal Code Section 261(a), you face harsh consequences if you are convicted of this crime. In fact, the punishment and negative stigma of a rape conviction will …

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