Forcible Penetration with a Foreign Object – Sentencing and Punishment

Forcible penetration with a foreign object under Penal Code Section 2891 is a very serious crime in California. Southern California District Attorneys are particularly aggressive when it comes to prosecuting and sentencing sex-related crimes. If you are convicted of a PC 289 offense, you face being sent to state prison for several years. Due to the seriousness of this crime, it is very important that you do not hesitate to call an experienced attorney to defend you.

Our attorneys at Wallin and Klarich of Southern California have over 30 years of experience successfully defending sex-related crimes including those of forcible penetration with a foreign object. If you have been accused of this crime, call us today so that you can receive the proper defense you deserve.

Read on to learn more about the sentencing and punishment of a forcible penetration with a foreign object conviction.

Prison Sentence for a Forcible Penetration Conviction

California state prison sentences for forcible penetration with a foreign object convictions are as follows:

  • Three, six, or eight years if committed against an adult 18 years old or older.
  • 6, 8, or 10 years if committed against a minor 14 to 17 years old;
  • 8, 10, or 12 years if committed against a child under 14 years old;

This includes whether you did so while threatening to retaliate against your victim or another person in the future; whether you threatened to have your victim arrested or deported by a public official; whether your victim was mentally or physically handicapped at the time of the crime; and whether your victim was drugged, unconscious or asleep.

Additionally, if your victim was 10 years old or younger you can be charged instead with Penal Code Section 288.72. If convicted of this offense, you could face either 15 years to life in prison if the offense involved oral copulation or forcible penetration with a foreign object; or 25 years to life if the crime involved sexual intercourse or sodomy (anal intercourse) with the child.

Additional Consequences of a Forcible Penetration Conviction

Forcible Penetration GPS Monitor

After you are released from prison, you will be supervised by a parole agent for a period of anywhere from 3 years to the remainder of your life, depending on the nature of the offense charged. You will be required to wear a GPS monitoring device on your ankle while on parole, and submit to many, many special conditions of parole that restrict where you may live and physically be among other conditions.

Lifetime Registration as a Sex Offender

Most devastating of all, if you are convicted of PC 289, or any other enumerated sex offense pursuant to The Sex Offender Registration Act under California Penal Code Section 290 (c)3, you will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life while residing in California.

Most sex offender registrants report that employment and housing become nearly impossible to maintain once publicly listed on the Megan’s Law sex offender website4.

Please review our section on Sex Offender Registration – Megan’s Law for more information on what you can expect if you must register as a sex offender.

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