November 2, 2012 By Stephen Klarich

The media and the Los Angeles Probation Department has just gone too far in their attempt to protect children. This Halloween night members of the Los Angeles County Probation Department followed by cameras from the media filmed “trick or treaters” and their parents going to homes of convicted sex offenders receiving candy. Of course what this does is bring further attention to who is a convicted sex offender.

As expected nothing happened of any significance during this media report other than it now makes it even more difficult for persons who are registered sex offenders who lives peacefully in their home.

Nobody should ignore the fact that persons who are convicted sex offenders were correctly punished for their crimes. However, many of these persons were convicted 20 or more years ago. Due to having to register per Penal Code Section 290 for the rest of their life, they continue to be harassed on a regular basis.

We want to make sure that our children are safe but it seems that those that have made one horrible mistake must continue to endure this kind of unwanted and unnecessary attention by the media for the rest of their life.

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