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Fantastic service. Couldn't ask for anything more. Mr wallin is outstanding and is always available to answer questions, concerns. Etc. Even as early as 6 am. I have never had anyone be so...

Andy W. Yahoo

Where to even begin, I don't think any of us seriously comprehend those moments when we'll need to depend on a lawyer. That moment, at least for me was terrifying as I faced a traffic infraction beyond anything I had experienced before. I certainly had my opinions on the situation but that didn't change the reality of it all. To be blunt, it was terrifying. After some research, I called Wallin & Klarich and I was patched through to one of the partners. He was fantastic at explaining things, providing context, and most importantly did not pressure me. I decided to put my faith in them and was introduced to Mr. Balderrama who would be taking on my case. Having a skilled professional like Mr. Balderrama on my side made all the difference in the world. Not only did he do an outstanding job with the case at hand but he went far beyond my expectations to help me stay steady emotionally. Mr. Balderrama was calm, collected, gave me regular updates on the situation, and was extremely honest and transparent from beginning to end.

Ryan Khoury

I hired Matthew B. Wallin for my driver license suspension and he was so compassionate and really caring. He just made the process so much easier. I'm a single mother and he took care of the...

Carolyn A. Yahoo

I have never been in any kind of trouble with the law. I had no idea what to expect, I knew nothing about the law and how I could be protected. Hiring Matthew to represent me was the best decision...

Mayan G. Yahoo

Jonathan Lynn was my attorney and I loved how he was attentive and did everything he could for me. If it wasn't for him, I seriously don't know how horrible my life would be right now. I can't...

Jennifer S. Yahoo

Greg Balderrama..... honestly he is an angel in disguise.....what this man did for me and my family I will always be thankful for..had a bogus restraining order case on me that we had been...

Alvin K. Yahoo

I'm so glad I found this Law Firm for a very difficult case that I needed resolved. I felt I was in great hands the moment I met Attorney Stephen at his Tustin office. Apart from the...

Aky Q. Yahoo

I would highly recommend Paul , he was patient , smart and kind . He gave me the right information and approach to deal with my legal problems. The way he explained things to me was priceless ....

Carmen A. Yahoo

Dan was very professional and handled everything in a timely manner. Their rates are reasonable, and he went above and beyond for me to make sure everything down to all the details were taken care of. Thank you!!!


Lauren A Bradshaw and the entire Wallin & Klarich I would like to say Thank you Lauren went above and beyond she was amazingly professional throughout the entire process always called me to let...

Jonathan A. Yahoo

Matt Wallin was was a beacon of hope to my family when our options seemed limited. His calm and empathetic demeanor offered me emotional support. My children and I are eternally grateful for his service and recommend him without reservation.

Susan Koss-Vetter

I spoke with Paul Wallin today about a serious matter that could potentially affect my freedom. His decades of experience and sharpness of mind resonated. I highly recommend his firm, if you like...

Rand S. Yahoo

I was very pleased with this Law Firm and the service provided to me! They had very reasonable pricing as far as the Retainer cost went, especially for everything that was taken care of on my expungement of past cases. A huge thanks to Patrick and the rest of the Firm! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Chris Fordham

Mr Balderama was a great help in my case. He was very informative on the process. He always returned my calls and emails to answer any questions. P.Reed

shane Reed

Very nice to take time for advising me of my case and how to deal with my situation thanks

Rhonda T. Yahoo

Matt Walkin is one of the best attorneys I have come across. He is very professional, straightforward and knowledgeable. He assisted my best friend in obtaining a great deal on such an unfortunate case.I would recommend him to resolve any case.

Lisa Alexander

I would like to sincerely thank you for helping me with obtaining my Certificate of Rehabilitation. I now realize the importance of obtaining a law firm that has years of experience in criminal law. The way the package was organized and presented to the presiding judge was very impressive to me. ...

Paul J Wallin Yahoo

It was a great pleasure working with Paul Wallin on my case. He went above and beyond to ensure that the result was ideal. I could not be happier.

Jeff Yard

Dan Danet of Wallin & Klarich listened to my needs, was upfront and honest, knowledgeable and completely thorough in communicating with me and keeping up to date through every step of my experience. I would highly recommend him and the Wallin & Klarich team to anyone in need of excellent representation!

Steven Aldana

Very happy with the work Wallin and klarich law firm did for me Especially thanks to my attorney Gregory Balderrama Excellent representation very happy with the outstanding results I got in my case It changed my life around thank you so much

Jose Ibarra

I worked with Soheil Levy recently regarding a a Temporary Restraining Order placed on me by an unethical Apartment Manager. Mr. Levy was professional, informative and explained the case and my...

Dan R. Yahoo

Matt Wallin provided superior help for my husband in the DMV interview. My husband made a careless, no injury, driving error, but feared he'd lose his license. He felt he needed an attorney to...

Henrietta S. Yahoo

I am pleased to recommend for your serious consideration, Mr. Matthew Wallin at the law office of Wallin and Klarich, to any family whose child is facing an expulsion hearing. Mr. Wallin's support for our grandson was extraordinary. Matthew exhibits excellent communication skills and was always accessible from the first day we met. Matthew's professionalism, preparation and attention to detail was impeccable. Mr. Wallin's expertise and knowledge of the law and the application to the Ed. Code was simply outstanding. We are extremely grateful for his presence in the hearing as his approach was judicious and with merit. We know that the positive outcome was a direct result of Mr. Wallin's representation. He is extremely motivated and confident and presented the best defense for our grandson. Mr. Wallin has certainly earned our respect and admiration.

Lynn Breegle

I was accused, arrested and charged of sex crimes with a minor female friend of my daughter’s.   I was taken to jail held on $1 million bail for several weeks, and ridiculed and tormented while in jail.  I was facing LIFE in prison for something I didn't do. My family hired Wallin & Klar...

Paul J Wallin Yahoo

If you should need a Criminal Defense Attorney look no further! The firm Wallin & Klarich were all professional with me and my family. In fact after speaking with Stephen I felt like the firm...

G M. Yahoo

Both HOV citations DISMISSED! Sol did a terrific job and I didn't even have to leave my house. I was kept in the loop the entire time and I couldn't have asked for a better result. Thanks!!

Brad Wind

They were great from start to finish. Quick, responsive, and attentive. They provided me with all the help and documentation I needed to move forward with my life and get that job I was seeking. Alexander Tran was also amazing. Very courteous and professional. Gave me updates without my having to email or call. Simply amazing. Best Attorney experience I've ever had. Do contact them! Affordable and proven results.

Josh Garcia

Wallin & Klarich is outstanding. Attorney Tim and Leslie Raymundo handled my family's case with concern and compassion. Every question answered any concern was relieved. Whenever we called they...

Sam P. Yahoo

Samuel M. Camp help me with my traffic case he was great always communicated with me got my case dismissed. Love this place will return if needed. Thanks guys!

Mike A. Yahoo

Thankful for the help that they provided. Really went beyond what I could hope for!

Joey Gonzalez

I would like to mention my appreciation to the job well done by your firm in the person of Mr. Soheil Levy in filling a Motion for the Early termination of my 5 years Probation as well as the...

Cicero C. Yahoo

There is not enough space for the stars this guy deserves. He must have big ears because he literally listened to every word I spoke. Brilliant advice from Paul Wallins I would like to meet the individuals who created this man so I can shake their hand. He took his time to help me put together a game plan without opening my wallet. The advice Paul Wallins provided was by far the best!!!

Official Frosty

Greggory Balderrama is the best attorney hands down!! Mr. Balderrama was assigned to my case and he actually took the time to hear me out and figure out the best strategy on how to approach my case. Even when my case moved to a different jurisdiction, he was still following up and making sure everything was good with my case. Very dedicated attorney. His time and effort are greatly appreciated That’s the attorney you need!!

Andrea Garcia

I was recommended Wallin and Klarich from Teamsters through work after receiving my first D.u.i. They were very professional and handled everything for me even the Dmv process. My lawyer was John-Patrick E. Mullen-Lujan and he was very helpful with understanding what the court was offering and the trial process making it as less stressful as possible. With John-Patrick E. Mullen-Lujan advising I made the decision to go to trial and my case was dismissed.

Anthony Varelas

Recently I was involved in a Domestic Dispute with a loved one, I was arrested and taken into custody,after I was released some of my closest friends advised me to obtain a criminal defense...

Antonio L. Yahoo

They did my successful pardon application, worth every penny, if you do not want to leave it to chance hire Wallin & Klarich

Richard P

Great people. Care about their clients


Dan was very professional and handled everything in a timely manner. Their rates are reasonable, and he went above and beyond for me to make sure everything down to all the details were taken...

Andy J. Yahoo

Wallin & Klarich aren't just great defense attorneys, they are a team of defense experts who not only understand your case and what your going through, they understand what your family and loved ones go through. I trust Stephen Klarich and his team 1000%, you should too. Don't settle for anythingless than the best, trust me, you can't afford to.

Paul S

I recently had to face being convicted with a second DUI. Anyone would agree that dealing with the court system can be daunting, over whelming and intimidating. Immediately after speaking with...

kiersten h. Yahoo

People seldom think about having a course of action when charged with a crime. Being put in a situation which could have lifelong repercussions is always an uncomfortable one. The law offices of Wallin & Klarich however have time and time again helped me and my family maintain peace of mind when facing legal trouble. With an incredibly amiable staff, they work with you as if yours was their only case. Their work ethic is unmatched in this industry. Trust me, after consulting with other firms, this is the only one that is ALWAYS up for the challenge.

Anthony Temoche

I came to Wallin & Klarich through a third party source and they connected me with the lawyer Gregory Balderama. Greg was extremely helpful from start to finish and was very quick to relay...

Yookhi L. Yahoo

I needed to contest a ticket I got at a mass stop sign trap and turned to Dan Danet at Wallin & Klarich. I had contacted Dan previously for a different ticket and he left such an impression upon...

john l. Yahoo

My husband and I found Wallin & Klarich on Internet. Everyone was very helpful and encouraging. Stephen Klarich was nice to meet us on Saturday and thoroughly explained the process. Matthew...

Marina B. Yahoo

I hired Wallin & Klarich earlier in the year and was grateful to have the assistance of Greg I. Balderrama. He and his assistant Julie were extremely helpful with the situation I was in. Greg was...

Vanessa R. Yahoo

My ticket was dismissed thanks to Brian Okakbayash!! He was patient with all my questions. He was helpful and always responded quickly to my calls and e-mails. I got a traffic ticket for allegedly going 109 in a 65mph zone! Definetly would hire again!! Worth every penny!! Thank you Brian Okayabashi!!!

Sheree (2nd 2 No 1)

People seldom think about having a course of action when charged with a crime. Being put in a situation which could have lifelong repercussions is always an uncomfortable one. The law offices of...

Anthony T. Yahoo

Effortless on my part thanks to a few attorneys at Wallin & Klarich. Highly recommended.

Ryan E. Yahoo

They are a great Law Firm! For the service's I received, I feel like my retainer was more than fair. My expungement went very well and they were able to achieve 3 out 4 of my goals, but the last 1...

Christopher F. Yahoo

Great Firm and very detailed when outlining what they are doing and how the process is going. I would 100% refer them to any one seeking Legal advice for Traffic Tickets. They took care of the...

Cesar B. Yahoo

My name is Christopher Michael and I met Paul Wallin over 25 years ago. Up until 2019, I had a horrible drinking problem with a few other bad habits that I'm not proud of saying. Wallin and...

Christopher Michael B. Yahoo

Unfortunately my son ended up in some legal trouble that could have potentially changed his life forever(in the worst way). I contacted Wallin & Klarich for assistance. I was contacted by Matthew...

Barbara B. Yahoo

Review long overdue. I received a traffic infraction in Irvine and knew the situation is not clearly represented on the citation. I contacted Attorney Dan Danet at Wallin & Klarich, one of the law...

Sean J. Yahoo

This review is to provide the highest recommendation for the law firm of Wallin & Klarich. I called this firm during one of the most challenging times my family has ever encountered. We were victims of a violent crime and, with no previous experiences with law enforcement, the OC District Attorney’s office, or the judicial system, we naively assumed that as the victims of a crime perpetrated by a felon with a prison record, those in the position to garner protection and justice for our family would do just that. We were sorely mistaken. As the victims of the crime, and thus “the People” that the District Attorney’s office claims to represent, it never occurred to us we might need separate legal representation to ensure our rights were preserved and our safety was protected. However, after my first dealing with the judge in an attempt to obtain a restraining order, it was abundantly clear that, despite the fact that my husband and I are highly educated individuals, we were completely outside our area of expertise and desperately needed help. It is my sincere belief that without the time, patience, intellect, and persistence of Mr. Matthew Wallin, who was our attorney throughout this ordeal, we would very likely still be living in abject fear. Upon calling the office of Wallin & Klarich, I was connected to an attorney who listened patiently to my recitation of the events of the previous week. He told me that he felt my case would best be served by one of the firm’s partners, and within hours I was sitting in Matthew Wallin’s office. Mr. Wallin listened calmly and patiently as I spent hours reviewing the case – he basically let me talk while he took notes, asked astute questions, and clarified time lines. Less than 24 hours after retaining his services, he had obtained protection for our family by interfacing with the District Attorney’s office on our behalf. Throughout the course of the case, Mr. Wallin was extremely available to us: to answer questions, explain complicated legal matters, and provide updates and information we would absolutely never had had the ability to obtain without his assistance. Going through something like this is, without overstating it, brutal and grueling for a family. Mr. Wallin provided excellent and skillful representation and secured the best possible outcome for our family. One would think that as victims in a criminal case, there is no need to seek legal representation as the District Attorney’s office will advocate for you and your family, keep you aware of developments, and strive to seek justice on your behalf. In my experience, nothing is farther from the truth. Without Mr. Wallin’s excellent and dedicated representation of our family, we would have been “just another case” to be pushed aside, overlooked, and dismissed. It is impossible to overstate the peace of mind having Mr. Wallin in our corner brought to me and my family and I will be forever grateful for his tireless and successful efforts to secure justice and safety for our family.


Since you're reading my testimony take me seriously and llisten closely. I'm sharing my experiences with with to sincerely help you with any trouble you're in ! I've know Paul Wallin of Wallin & Klarich for nearly 25 years and let me tell you that he has saved me from years of sitting in jail sleeping on a concreate bed. Most of my issues have been casued by drugs & alcohol while chosing poor women to date. Paul is literally available anytime I contact him even on Sunday mornings. With a quick conversation, he quickly calms me down, provides me a detailed plan and assures me that everything will be ok. Reaching Paul at any time I panic, has been critical for me because I have high anxiety. Paul allows he to keep focus on my life as I let him handle my case. Trust me, trust me, trust me on this please ! Contact Wallin & Klarich immediately as this will be the best choice you've ever made !

Chris Bell

I could not be happier with the service provided by Wallin & Klarich. From our first meeting to our last, their level of professionalism and experience was top tier. They knew exactly how to help me move forward with my situation and were successful in helping me obtain the post judgement relief I sought. I don't think I would have been successful without them, or with a firm that had less experience in this area.


I can't thank Jonathan Lynn and Wallin and Klarich enough for helping fight and beat my case.  When I met with Jonathan I told him I was facing charges that could lead to me spending the rest of...

Michael L. Yahoo

They got my case dismissed speeding ticket was 90 above Man these guys know how to work the right way I'm impressed

A A. Yahoo

Wallin & Klarich is a top notch firm. Attorney Matt Wallin and their team have helped me in the past and also recently, and have been awesome both times! I highly recommend them.

Lance Souza

Johnathan Lynn is an outstanding lawyer. I'm always able to reach him, whether by cell, text or email. When he's in court and not available, his assistant Michael is great at filling in. When I...

Gina M. Yahoo

I had a wonderful experience working with this firm, they are kind and courteous. I’ve had other lawyers in the past and they never actually cared like this firm does, I had all my cases dismissed at the end. If anything ever happens I will absolutely call them again!

Michael Mainville

Dear Mr. Wallin, I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the peace you have brought to our family's lives. It has been many many months of sadness and anguish, and through your...

J S. Yahoo

I retained Matthew B. Wallin from this firm several months ago re: a devastating false accusation against me that could’ve destroyed my entire life and career. Not only was Matthew extremely forthcoming, knowledgeable, informative, professional, and honest throughout the whole process, but he also made himself available to me whenever I became worried or unsure of where things were going, and he always kept me calm, confident, and centered, and above all, he did his job with absolute professionalism and fought for me to the point where the DA rejected my case, ending this horrendous situation in my life before it even saw the inside of a courtroom. If anyone has any problems with the law, accusations against them, or chargers that they are/may be facing, I HIGHLY recommend Wallin and Klarich, and I will ALWAYS recommend Matthew B. Wallin.

Anthony J

Wallin&klarich did everything they said they would do for me never promised me anything but gave me hope and reassurance that as long as I did everything in my power they to would do everything in theirs and with their help and by the grace of God I was granted a pardon on 7/10/2018 I want to thanks Wallin & Klarich and staff for all your support everybody was so helpful and thank my attorney Gregory he was awesome

Eddy soto

Gregory Balderrama provided excellent professional representation to ensure a successful clearing of my case. He worked fast, hard, and strategically to helped bring me a positive outcome. He has great customer service and communicated very well throughout the case. His knowledge and ability to navigate the complexity of the case were superb. You will be in excellent hands with Gregory!

Luis A

Soeil Levy is new to the firm but I wanted to make sure I wrote a review because of how happy I am with the results. I have had three other attorneys try to get a case solved for me and my partner...

Tina M. Yahoo

My case was closed today and thanks to Mr. Balderrama’s hard work and diligence we were able to work out an outcome that ultimately relieved me of so much stress and fear. He truly went above and beyond, I wanted no jail time and I got that...in addition to that, he was also able to get the charge dropped entirely! I was so happy I asked if I could high five him! He was very informative and communicated updates on the case every step of the way. He was compassionate to my situation and dedicated on finding the best outcome. I could not have asked for better representation. I highly recommend asking for Gregory Balderrama if ever you contact this firm, he is the attorney you want on your case.

Kimberly Alvarado

I got a red light ticket called them gave them the information about the ticket. Told me they will fight my case for me and I didnt even have to go in to there office very convenient since I'm very busy. They won my cause. They are awesome. Thank you

Christian Sandoval

Dan Danet did an amazing job with my case. Highly recommend this firm!

naomi imbre

This law firm is one of the best in Southern California. Attorney Matthew Wallin represented my friend professionally, honestly and with an eagerness to win. His knowledge of the law and...

Lisa A. Yahoo

There were a few small bumps along the way, mostly in the area of communication; but the end result was very positive for us. Because there were 5 years from start to finish, we weren't able to...

Barbara D. Yahoo

I would like to THANK YOU, Matthew Wallin for helping me stand up for myself today and getting my life back! You are an Outstanding Attorney, you are an EXPERT! I someone ever asks me if I know a...

L. G. Yahoo

Dan Danet truly saved our family in a time of need. He was the most professional and yet the most easiest person to talk to about handling our case. I felt we were in good hands from the very...

Roland E. Yahoo

Dan Danet did an amazing job on on my case. He treated my case like it was his own and handled it with great care, urgency and professionalism. He broke down the law for me in a way that was easy...

Gabriel V. Yahoo

Matt Wallin did a fantastic job representing me in my restraining order case against my ex boyfriend. I was a little doubtful going into my court hearing because my temporary restraining order was originally denied. After my TRO was denied, I made the choice to hire an attorney and I was referred to Wallin & Klarich. Matt was assigned to my case and he did an outstanding job at the hearing. In the end, the judge granted me my restraining order. Matt was professional through and through, great at communicating, answered all of my questions, and came to my hearing completely prepared. Matt‘s compassionate nature and confidence was very reassuring. He knew when to be assertive and when to take a creative approach when things got tricky during the hearing. I’m so grateful and happy that he was there to represent me! I highly recommend Wallin & Klarich. Thank you, Matt!!

Brianna R

Today I want to acknowledge my attorney as he has changed our lives John-Patric E.Lujan Wee were the luckiest to have you touch Pedro’s file, your good vibes resonated as you had the right words to convince us to trust you on this matter, but more important it was your back and forth negotiating with our family to stay and finish the MOTION to VACATE I believe that your honesty and voice also engage the DA whom you were negotiating as well , it takes a connector like you to tip justice to the people seeking just procedures. Tipping Point is a book that discusses your character you have something special not easily seen or define yet you have it to make that difference and tipping the point to the exact point where it needs to be. In this case you tipped Pedro’s life and our shared family will thrive freely in this country. He will finish his school and continue to support us and the community. All of my kids prayed today and we all came back to discuss what a difference you have made and to trust the justice systems when it is in your hands. Words don’t exist to show gratitude and appreciation please tell your mother and father that they created the best attorney in the world. I see you in your firm thriving in a community that needs leaders and models like you , YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!

ruth Fraire

Until just a few hours ago I was required to register as a sex offender (pc290) for life. Attorney Greg Balderrama defended me in court today and was able to convince a superior court judge to...

David O. Yahoo

I was in a very uncomfortable possible legal situation. After talking with Jason I realize I went to the right place. If you're ever in need of legal help I would definitely talk to Wallin &...

D B. Yahoo

Dan Danet truly saved our family in a time of need. He was the most professional and yet the most easiest person to talk to about handling our case. I felt we were in good hands from the very first call all the way through the final dismissal of our case that he over saw. He gave us a roadmap that we could follow and feel that we didn't have to worry about anything because of his of experience and results. I honestly, will call him next time I have a need and fully recommend him to anyone else that comes across his name for legal work. I don't normally write reviews, but I think Dan well deserves the professional recognition.

Roland E

Dedicated and professional. I am proud to have this firm as colleagues. Paul works very had for clients and is a consummate professional.

Deloise T. Yahoo

My husband and I found Wallin & Klarich on Internet. Everyone was very helpful and encouraging. Stephen Klarich was nice to meet us on Saturday and thoroughly explained the process. Matthew Wallin is an excellent lawyer who took our son's case and brought it to a successful resolution. The result was above and beyond our expectation. He is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. He never set any false expectations but delivered the result. Excellent job!

Marina Berger

Speeding down PCH through Laguna Beach got my first DUI four years ago on my 49th birthday. Was referred to an absolutely horrible complacent attorney that did nothing to assist with my case and...

Julie H. Yahoo

I am eternally grateful to my attorney Greg Balderrama and his legal assistant Alex Tran, at Wallin & Klarich, for successfully representing me in my Certificate of Rehabilitation being granted....

Reginald S. Yahoo

Quitessential Attorney! I "floundered" around in search of an Attorney to handle my case that had the potential to ruin my life and my my family! Everyone was substandard and in it for the money! I was scared and lost, no where to turn! I found Wallin & Klarich, and had a consultation with Matthew Wallin! I met Matthew and he complely answered all my questions, he was more than through at the same time was "Straight up" about the possibilities of the case. When I left his office that day, I knew I had found the right firm, and the right attorney! Matthew Wallin MASTERFULLY handled my case! He raised the Standard on representing a client at all times respectful and professionally. He won my case turning a otherwise devastating situation into a Not Guilty decision.


I was devastated when police served a search warrant at my home and seized my computers and arrested me for a felony sex crime. I found the law offices of Wallin & Klarich on the internet and immediately made an appointment to meet with my attorney. My attorney listened to my side of the story a...

Paul J Wallin Yahoo

Gregory did a EXCELLENT job with my case..

Me you

Where to even begin, I don't think any of us seriously comprehend those moments when we'll need to depend on a layer. That moment, at least for me was terrifying as I faced a traffic infraction...

Ryan K. Yahoo

Awesome law firm. Fast and efficient. Fought my red light ticket case and won without me stepping a foot in there office. Thank you

Christian S. Yahoo

It's been many years since I first contacted Wallin & Klarich and highly recommend this law firm. I recently contacted their firm to work on Order for Dismissal/Expungement of my case all these...

Virginia W. Yahoo

Wallin&klarich did everything they said they would do for me never promised me anything but gave me hope and reassurance that as long as I did everything in my power they to would do everything...

Eddy S. Yahoo

In an honest review, this firm does expect to receive payment up front. I understand that most people writing these reviews may not like this, but for me I was fine with this process. In my...

Nick G. Yahoo

Thank you Mr. Danet for your dedication, prompt response in time of need, and for representing me. You took a big burden off my shoulders, and as you said it yourself, now I can put this stressful...

D R. Yahoo

Greg handled my case very well, and worked hard to stay on top of deadlines and make appearances on my behalf. He always updated me immediately after a court date so I was able to stay in the...

Ashley B. Yahoo

This review is to provide the highest recommendation for the law firm of Wallin & Klarich. I called this firm during one of the most challenging times my family has ever encountered. We were...

Sheila F. Yahoo

Dan T. Danet was fightting my case really hard, the best law firm i coul find thank you so much Dan T. Danet keep up the great job.

René Villalobos

Attorney John Gordon and his assistant Garrett Sykes handled a Restraining Order case for me very effectively. I really appreciated their help in guiding me thru the process and the speed in...

John A. Yahoo

Never experienced using a Law Firm before but sure glad we were introduced to Matt Wallin. He is absolutely an amazing attorney. He was eager to hear our story even when we didn't think there was any hope Matt was able to shed light on the positivness with a negative situation. A average citizen doesn't know the full extent of their rights and thanks to Matt on opening many doors for us. The process was smooth and he took care of everything with little to no involment from us. I was able to continue to live my normal life because of Matt. He created such a defence that I have never seen before. Obviously we came out winners at the end. I highly recommend you consult with Matt and his team before going anywhere else. You will not be disappointed. Thank You Matt Wallin and Wallin & Klarich A Law Corp

Bill Maala

They are very professional and reliable attorneys, I highly recommend them.

Jesus Contreras

Highly recommend. Helped me in so many ways and fairly priced as well. I recommend John Patrick. He's always quickly answered me with any concerns I had and made me feel like he cared about me and...

Johnny B. Yahoo

Matt was such an amazing partner/ lawyer . He supported our family from day one with all of our needs and was always available for us. He communicates well and was humble which We appreciated....

Melissa M. Yahoo

Greg did a tremendous job representing me for my case and kept me up to date with all details about my case. He does a great job explaining things in a way that I can easily understand them....

Kevin P. Yahoo

I recently had to face being convicted with a second DUI. Anyone would agree that dealing with the court system can be daunting, over whelming and intimidating. Immediately after speaking with lawyers at W&K law about my case, I felt a huge sense of relief . They took care of everything for me and I didn’t even have to show up to court like I did in my previous case . John-Patrick Mullen-Luhan took care of my case , and made sure to always be available for my calls and questions during the stressful time. He was extremely patient , and took his time explaining and re explaining any concerns I had . I truly felt like he and the team at W&K Law care, and that’s the type of support one needs when dealing with situations such as these . They also helped lighten the load of my penalties compared to others I know of in the same situation . If you are looking for a lawyer for DUI , I highly recommend .

Kiersten Hall

Paul Wallin has over 40 years experience in child dependency law. This is a very specialized and complicated area, and his understanding and depth of knowledge in this field is exceptional. He...

Katie T. Yahoo

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