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This law firm gave me hope when I was down. They got me through a rough time in my life. I would highly recommend them.

Harvey S. Yahoo

Great attorneys! They take a personal approach to cases and really listen to client concerns. They will fight for you until the very end of your case. Could not recommend them enough!

Yareth Sarmiento

When I found myself suddenly in need of legal representation, I looked everywhere and interviewed 7 different lawyers before I decided on Soheil Levy. One of these 7 lawyers told me that Wallin & Klarich is a good law firm, but “it depends on who you get as a lawyer.” Fortunately for me, I got Soheil Levy. Some of these lawyers used scare tactics and were not forthright, but Soheil was straight-forward and transparent. None of these 7 high-powered, brand named lawyers caught a critical mistake the opposing side made in their written statement. When Mr. Levy caught it, I knew he was smarter than the others. I noticed his ability to quickly capture complex information and extract pertinent parts and distill it for his clients. That quality made me breathe a sigh of relief. I found him to be knowledgeable and confident, and this confidence transferred to me when I was convinced that he knew his stuff. It lifted a great weight off of my shoulders and removed most of the burden off of me. He knows the law well enough to offer optional pathways to take. It can be a very personal decision on the choices to make in a legal situation, and Mr. Levy offered both alternatives along with his most prudent advice, which is what people want when in legal trouble. Importantly, Soheil has been a real comfort in knowing that I could lean on him when I was afraid, and count on him to provide me with the best results. I can imagine how difficult it can be to cater to clients but Soheil Levy has an unusual knack for providing exceptional service and expertise. I really felt like he was a reliable person in whom I could confide all the details of my case. Most of all, he is thorough. In a short amount of time, he assessed my situation and offered me choices so that I understood my situation. I trust him, and if any of my friends have a legal concern, I would point them in Soheil Levy’s direction.


They were very helpful in answering all of my questions. Highly recommended.

Bobby Parrish

Wallin & Klarich is an amazing law firm. I was looking at 6 years minimum for my charge and it got dropped to one year county time which would be 6 months. I was blessed and did one month. W&K...

Edgar C. Yahoo

Paul is an incredible attorney and wonderful human being that deeply cares about his clients. He is fiercely invested in creating a more just and equitable world through his professionalism and passion for helping others. I am grateful for his guidance, mentorship, and kindness.

Cara Gafner

My attorney Soheil Levy appeared to my court on time. Before the court started he had a brief meeting with my wife and me regarding my case. He was really attentive to my case, really kind and 100% on it. I really recommend his service. I also want to thank Jackline Iniguez for her help, I really appreciate both of them. And of course he won my case.

Yolanda Torres

Soheil Levy saved my job and my family. I’m so thankful that he got my felony charges dismissed. Great attorney and totally recommend him.

Michael McCoy

Highly recommend. Helped me in so many ways and fairly priced as well. I recommend John Patrick. He's always quickly answered me with any concerns I had and made me feel like he cared about me and...

Johnny B. Yahoo

If you need an attorney as I did, then odds are you aren't trying to fight a jaywalking ticket - so I recommend considering the value of your reputation and future. If you are trying to choose...

Matt D. Yahoo

I ABSOLUTELY had a wonderful experience working with Wallen & Klarich, a law cooperation on a Child Protective Services case. They were extremely knowledgeable about parents' rights and provided...

Speak S. Yahoo

Great service and representation. I was updated periodically and any questions I had were answered in a timely manner. I was always kept in the loop and the attorney was always available. I appreciated the attention to detail and making me feel at ease during the process. The professionalism and commitment to their clients is stellar. Thank you again for your help and expertise!

David Hollie

Sol did a terrific job.

Brad Wind

I have a commercial drivers license. I got a ticket for speeding and incorrect lane change they went to court. Dropped it to a parking nonmoving violation. Feel great i chose wallin & klarich

Jeffrey Mendoza

We had a great experience working with Matthew Wallin. We were going through a difficult time and Matthew was able to come in and calm us down and helped us by clearly answering all of our questions. He was very helpful and patient through the entire process. Matthew is a great attorney and we were glad he was on our side. His knowledge of the different parts of the law was very comprehensive and he was able to put across his arguments in a very articulate manner at the hearing. Overall Matthew helped us navigate this experience in a very dependable way and we would recommend Matthew with many more than the 5 stars allowed.


I definitely recommend this law office , they work really hard for you case they are very professional, and get the results fast. I'm personally thank Attorney Klarich and Attorney Gregory for all the good work they did for me. Se los recomiendo mucho ...Gracias

Sixto villalva

I would like to sincerely thank you for helping me with obtaining my Certificate of Rehabilitation. I now realize the importance of obtaining a law firm that has years of experience in criminal law. The way the package was organized and presented to the presiding judge was very impressive to me. ...

Paul J Wallin Yahoo

They are a great Law Firm! For the service's I received, I feel like my retainer was more than fair. My expungement went very well and they were able to achieve 3 out 4 of my goals, but the last 1...

Christopher F. Yahoo

Very happy with the work Wallin and klarich law firm did for me Especially thanks to my attorney Gregory Balderrama Excellent representation very happy with the outstanding results I got in my case It changed my life around thank you so much

Jose Ibarra

Got a call back the same day I inquired about my case from Mr. Wallin himself who offered me a huge amount of valuable advice. He was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and it was clear he wasn’t trying to sell the firm’s services — he simply wanted to provide the best advice for the best outcome for his clients. Cannot recommend this firm enough.

Griffin Chen

Here is why I STRONGLY recommend you use the law firm of Wallin & Klarich (wklaw.com) if you need any kind of criminal defense. I recently was accused by a group that matters to me of having done something illegal. I hadn’t done anything illegal, but I needed a reputable lawyer to put this on paper. I called 5 law firms that specialize in the relevant area of law, and each promised to have a lawyer call me back that day. Only one called me back, and the attorney told me that my situation (needing a legal opinion) was to “small” for his firm to deal with. Then I called Wallin & Klarich. Paul Wallin, co-founder and partner, IMMEDIATELY hopped onto the call. He understood the kind of legal opinion letter I needed and quoted me a rate I felt was very fair. And even though they routinely take on big cases, Paul never made me feel like my situation was too unimportant to deal with. Just one day later I got their EXCELLENT first draft of a letter from another attorney in the firm, Gregory Balderrama. I’m a professional writer so I know great writing like Gregory's when I see it. There were a few emails back and forth to tweak the letter and then it was finished. Paul and Gregory treated me as if I was their closest friend in need of help. If you want this kind of swift, expert, and attentive help, I can’t recommend the professionals at Wallin & Klarich strongly enough.

Jason Rappaport

Highly recommend. Great, caring people.


Wallin & Klarich aren't just great defense attorneys, they are a team of defense experts who not only understand your case and what your going through, they understand what your family and loved ones go through. I trust Stephen Klarich and his team 1000%, you should too. Don't settle for anythingless than the best, trust me, you can't afford to.

Paul S

We are so thankful for the legal advice and support provided. Extremely timely and responsive. So thankful for the team at Wallin & Klarich!

Marci R. Yahoo

I was fortunate to have Sol Levy as my attorney for a case at Torrance court. I was stuck in county due to Covid and Sol kept appearing on my behalf in court to get me out without having to post...

George D. Yahoo

This law firm got my citation completely dismissed. Good value for retainer fee and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, thank you so much!!

Maddy A. Yahoo

I reached out to this law firm to help me,what i found was a dedicated staff that quickly acted to defend me,my attorney John-Patrick E. Mullen Lujon was quick and proficient,im thankfull for the...

Jack E. Yahoo

I recently had to face being convicted with a second DUI. Anyone would agree that dealing with the court system can be daunting, over whelming and intimidating. Immediately after speaking with lawyers at W&K law about my case, I felt a huge sense of relief . They took care of everything for me and I didn’t even have to show up to court like I did in my previous case . John-Patrick Mullen-Luhan took care of my case , and made sure to always be available for my calls and questions during the stressful time. He was extremely patient , and took his time explaining and re explaining any concerns I had . I truly felt like he and the team at W&K Law care, and that’s the type of support one needs when dealing with situations such as these . They also helped lighten the load of my penalties compared to others I know of in the same situation . If you are looking for a lawyer for DUI , I highly recommend .

Kiersten Hall

WK has helped my family in more ways than I can express. They were kind & understanding. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Harvey S. Yahoo

I had two serious charges filed against me. I hired Wallin & Klarich and Mr.Vargas my lawyer fought diligently and got my charges reduced to informal probation. My case didn’t even go to trail. I was impressed by how Wallin and Klarich handled my case and more than satisfied with my outcome. I highly recommend hiring Wallin and Klarich law corp if ever in need of legal representation thanks Wallin & Klarich!

gabriel cruz

Mr. Lujan handled my case and got it dismissed. Before attaining Mr. Lujan I was being represented by another attorney from another firm who offered me a horrible deal from the DA. Mr. Lujan fought for a better out come that completely changed my future I'm so glad that Mr. Lujan handled my case. He was very professional, understanding, and made himself available throughout the whole process. I'm so greatful for his hard work and honesty. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an attorney that provides the results you want.

Dakota Mendoza

helped me immensely to clear my name. 24/7 access, fast response time, made me feel secure about my defense from false allegations to dismissal. They gave me my life back. From legal assistant to partner, they care.

Ryan Campbell

I have found myself very satisfied with attorney Soheil Levy from this office. I came here specifically because of his attentiveness and professionalism. Overall the office and assistant's were polite as well and helpful. He has on multiple occasions made complex and at times confusing legal situations much more understandable with a comforting tone. I hold absolutely no reservation in giving Soheil Levy and this law firm my highest possible recommendation.

Salvador Torres

I worked with Soheil Levy recently regarding a a Temporary Restraining Order placed on me by an unethical Apartment Manager. Mr. Levy was professional, informative and explained the case and my...

Dan R. Yahoo

Great service and representation. I was updated periodically and any questions I had were answered promptly. I was always kept in the loop and the attorney was always available. I appreciated the...

David H. Yahoo

This place really cares about their clients. Great work with reasonable prices.


I was very self conscious and doubtful that any lawyer would be able to assist me and helping me start the process of removing my felony. I went to quite a few consultations and was getting ready...

David B. Yahoo

Great service reliable were able to assist with my case help to not get a point against my license

Kenia M. Yahoo

Wallin & Klarich is the best of the best. I hired them to quash a bench warrant and they delivered. I called two other law firms and not only was Wallin & Klarich better priced, they went out of...

Joseph L. Yahoo

Got my tickets dismissed i love them thank you so much

Sebastian Turner

Soheil Levy is a great lawyer. He was reassuring and confident, which put me at ease. He had charges against me dismissed in a city attorney meeting that lasted less than fifteen minutes and made the whole process very easy and relatively painless, asking basically as little of me as possible throughout. I felt like I was well taken care of and there are no charges against me to show for it 🙂

rhana tabrizi

I would like to thank Gabriel Dorman for the exceptional service provided for my son. He was extremely professional throughout the whole process from our initial conversation in which we discussed our legal problems, and his explanations offering advice and strategy that he thought would provide the best outcomes. Although we were confident in the firm's experience and knowledge, and familiarity with how the court system works, we were always skeptical that the best possible outcome would come to fruition. However, we were extremely thrilled when attorney Dorman called to indicate that all three cases against my son were dismissed. Other than a little delay on receiving evidence of the final disposition of the cases, the whole process was painless and were well worth the fee charged. Thank you very much!

Jeffrey Oller

Great people to work with.

Alyssa Morillo

Our family found ourselves quite unexpectedly needing legal advice regarding a juvenile dependency situation. Wallin & Klarich, in particular Paul Wallin, were amazing to work with. Paul was...

Andy S. Yahoo

I was recommended Wallin and Klarich from Teamsters through work after receiving my first D.u.i. They were very professional and handled everything for me even the Dmv process. My lawyer was John-Patrick E. Mullen-Lujan and he was very helpful with understanding what the court was offering and the trial process making it as less stressful as possible. With John-Patrick E. Mullen-Lujan advising I made the decision to go to trial and my case was dismissed.

Anthony Varelas

Paul Wallin and his law team are exceptional defense attorneys. Their unparalleled expertise and dedication shine through in my case. Navigating legal intricacies with precision, they provide myself with top-tier representation. Trustworthy and effective, they stand out as the best choice for anyone seeking a strong defense. Thank you Paul!

Mike Ballantyne

This law firm has been a God send. They have been helpful guiding me through some recent legal matters I have been traversing. Eric Jones and Soheil Levy were very helpful representing me and getting me to a reasonable outcome. They were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had, and were very honest when presenting my options. I will be keeping them for any further representation I may need in the future. Thanks, Team.

Martin Avelar

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional legal representation provided by Wallin & Klarich. From the moment I reached out to them, I knew I was in good hands. This law firm...

Rosie B. Yahoo

This is my first time looking for a lawyer regarding a traffic ticket. I had never had a ticket before. I was contacted immediately when I called his dept. Brian was really patient and listen...

B C. Yahoo

My attorney Soheil Levy was great! He was able to get my felony case dismissed on all charges. Totally recommend Mr. Soheil Levy.

Michael M. Yahoo

Today I want to acknowledge my attorney as he has changed our lives John-Patric E.Lujan Wee were the luckiest to have you touch Pedro’s file, your good vibes resonated as you had the right words to convince us to trust you on this matter, but more important it was your back and forth negotiating with our family to stay and finish the MOTION to VACATE I believe that your honesty and voice also engage the DA whom you were negotiating as well , it takes a connector like you to tip justice to the people seeking just procedures. Tipping Point is a book that discusses your character you have something special not easily seen or define yet you have it to make that difference and tipping the point to the exact point where it needs to be. In this case you tipped Pedro’s life and our shared family will thrive freely in this country. He will finish his school and continue to support us and the community. All of my kids prayed today and we all came back to discuss what a difference you have made and to trust the justice systems when it is in your hands. Words don’t exist to show gratitude and appreciation please tell your mother and father that they created the best attorney in the world. I see you in your firm thriving in a community that needs leaders and models like you , YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!

ruth Fraire

They beat me ticket 76 in 55 for a semi is serious business. They beat it no points . I’d work with them again very professional and no back and forth.

Dominic Carter

I was devastated when police served a search warrant at my home and seized my computers and arrested me for a felony sex crime. I found the law offices of Wallin & Klarich on the internet and immediately made an appointment to meet with my attorney. My attorney listened to my side of the story a...

Paul J Wallin Yahoo

They are amazing! They got back to me in minutes regarding any questions that I have and giving legal advice!! Definitely the way to go when looking for trust worthy attorneys!!!

leslie Ramirez

When it comes to looking for a law firm that's going to fight for you and keep your best interest in mind then look no further than Wallin& Klarich. I had the privilege of being represented by...

John T. Yahoo

Had a great experience working with them. Extremely professional and were always available for any questions i had. Made all my worries go away

Rabih Aboul Hosn

I have nothing but great things to say about my attorney Sol Levy. Mr. Levy kept me informed on every phase of my red light camera ticket. Mr. Levy was successful in getting my case dismissed....

Ralph G. Yahoo

Very nice to take time for advising me of my case and how to deal with my situation thanks

Rhonda T. Yahoo

My experience with this lawfirm has been a 100000/10! Truly an amazing team. The attorneys really care and listen.

benjamin cruz

Matt Walkin is one of the best attorneys I have come across. He is very professional, straightforward and knowledgeable. He assisted my best friend in obtaining a great deal on such an unfortunate case.I would recommend him to resolve any case.

Lisa Alexander

I had the pleasure of working with Brian Okabayashi from Wallin & Klarich. Mr. Okabayashi was very pleasant to work with and responded to all of my emails. The duration of my case lasted an...

Jesus C. Yahoo

I reached out to Wallin & Klarich about a speeding ticket that I wouldn't of qualified for traffic school for. Everything was amazing from the start to finish! Evan DeLorio kept me up to date and...

Joaquin D. Yahoo

Attorney John Gordon and his assistant Garrett Sykes handled a Restraining Order case for me very effectively. I really appreciated their help in guiding me thru the process and the speed in...

John A. Yahoo

My attorney Thomas was extremely supportive and receptive during my experience. He understood what was going on and his efforts showed that he was really fighting for me during my case. I'm glad I...

Zack P. Yahoo

My ticket was dismissed thanks to Brian Okakbayash!! He was patient with all my questions. He was helpful and always responded quickly to my calls and e-mails. I got a traffic ticket for allegedly going 109 in a 65mph zone! Definetly would hire again!! Worth every penny!! Thank you Brian Okayabashi!!!

Sheree (2nd 2 No 1)

Matthew Wallin helped me navigate my case. He answered all of my emails and questions In a timely manner. I would highly recommend Matthew to any of my family and friends.

Pandra Beecroft

Great service, fast, professional with awesome communication. Would definitely use them again.

Aniceto Gonzales Jr

I highly recommend Wallin and Klarich for their exceptional legal expertise and unwavering support throughout my case. The attorneys demonstrated a deep understanding of laws, providing insightful guidance at every step. Their commitment to my case, coupled with clear communication, resulted in a favorable outcome. I am immensely grateful for their professionalism and would trust them with any legal matter.

Blair London

Wallin and Klarich boasts an exceptional and highly proactive team, with its legal professionals demonstrating remarkable prowess. For individuals seeking a legal representation committed to vigorous advocacy, engaging the services of WK Law is highly advisable. Distinguished by the principled stance of its founder, Paul Wallin, this firm refrains from making exaggerated commitments, setting it apart from prevalent practices in the legal sphere. It is important to note that WK Law prioritizes integrity and esteem over facile assurances, which accounts for their enduring 40-year presence in the industry.

Carlos Cortez

Wallin & Klarich were recommended to me by a colleague and I couldn't be more pleased. Their lawyers are all excellent in their own right and treated myself and my family with respect and a...

Ken H. Yahoo

Wallin and Klarich live up to their word. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of my attorney, Solheil Levy. He was very knowledgeable and helped alleviate a lot of my fears. Everyone I talked to at the firm listened to what I had to say and were very helpful and attentive. They got back to me in a timely manner. Sol understood about how trying some matters can be and was willing to work with me to get the results that I wanted, and that’s exactly what I got.

Nina M

Alexander Tran assistant was amazing to work with . He was always helpful and informative with questions pertaining to my case . Mr Klarich is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Would highly recommend this law firm for legal needs .

Juan Guerrero

Thanked you Soheil. Got my case dismissed and very

Lizzy Sotelo

Thank you to the amazing attorney Clinton Chan who supported a loved one during some difficult times. Clinton and the team always went above and beyond answering all questions and concerns. Definitely recommend!

Daisy Serrato

This team works hard to get the best possible results. Their diligence and passion are second to none. They answer all your questions and are willing to go the extra mile.

Mark McGuinness II

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Wallin & Klarich law Corp. and especially Christian Guerra, Jennifer Guerra and Soheil. I don't think anyone ever anticipates needing legal representation...

Lisette F. Yahoo

Here is why I STRONGLY recommend you use the law firm of Wallin & Klarich (wklaw.com) if you need any kind of criminal defense. I recently was accused by a group that matters to me of having...

Jason R. Yahoo

Attorney Soheil Levy represented me on a 2 days complex hearing for a temporary restraining order case (with petitioner requesting to move it to a permanent one). Attorney Levy came through for me during these tough times, showed professionalism but especially humanity! He knows the law and was able to object and cross-examine like a champion! Attorney Levy WON this case: no TRO, no permanent restraining order and no opposing party’s attorney fees to be paid (>$70K). I recommend him for his skills, knowledge and kind heart! Thank you Attorney for changing my life for the better!

Aurélia Taleb-Ahmed

Alex,Gregory and the rest of of ppl down at W&L are the real deal! They are excactly who you would want for any legal matters you may have!! They do wht they say .. an say wht they do..The whole...

Cameron D. Yahoo

I'm just amazed how Wallin & klarich law firm work. If they say there able to handle it They will. I will recommend this law firm to my family and friends there like family to me. Thank you and God bless.

Mitchell Dominguez

I highly recommend Wallin and Klarich Law Firm for their high standards of professionalism, their commitment to ongoing communication, and their dedication to each and every client. The Attorneys...

Muriel B. Yahoo

I recently had to face being convicted with a second DUI. Anyone would agree that dealing with the court system can be daunting, over whelming and intimidating. Immediately after speaking with...

kiersten h. Yahoo

Great service satisfied with the result of my case were able to help me out I did not get no point against my license

Fernando Navarro

Shiiiii... I can't speak on what the prices are for hiring them, since I was able to get them thru my Union. The only thing I can say is that if I ever get "accused" of speeding again in Cali, this is the first group of lawyers I'm calling to take care of my problem. Crazy how a "supposed" 72 in a 55 speeding ticket went away and it's all because of you guys. Once again thank you.

Carlos Manzanera

Lewd Acts Charges Dismissed I was accused, arrested, and charged with sex crimes with a minor female friend of my daughter’s.   I was taken to jail held on $1 million bail for several weeks and ridiculed and tormented while in jail.  I was facing LIFE in prison for something I didn't do. ...

Paul J Wallin Yahoo

Not a client, but I know many people (personally) who work at WK and I can easily say that they all TRULY care about their clients and operate with their best interests in mind. I've seen some of the negative reviews on here (many of them blatantly fake) and, from an unbiased perspective who's heard both sides of the story, I can full-heartedly say that I have yet to see a single review that is justified. As with any business, there may be accounting errors at times or other administrative errors, but they are the exception, not the rule. As a rule, Wallin and Klarich is full of hard working, passionate, intelligent people who truly care about their clients and the work they do. Even when they aren't working, they are talking about law and ways to better their clients. I can't and won't speak on any other firms' behalf, but as for WK, they have great workers and produce great outcomes. I do and will continue to trust them. If I ever have any legal issues (knock on wood) they will 100% be the firm representing me.

Austin Greenly

On behalf of my family, we want to thank Gabriel Dorman for his hard work and dedication towards our matter. Our situation was very new and overwhelming from the beginning to end, but Gabriel made...

Cynthia G. Yahoo

Excellent Results

Duke Le

Wallin and Klarich is a great lawfirm. They helped me with a difficult case. They were quick and honest, which I really appreciated, and most importantly they helped me out. Great great firm.

Dulce Cortez

I didn't know what to do regarding my recent matter. I was searching online to see who I can call, so I called in to Wallin & Klarich and was impressed it was a live receptionist. I was able to...

Erika G. Yahoo

Gregory Balderrama and Alexander Tran handled my case, and they did a terrific job! They started six months ago, and yesterday I received notification from the Attorney General that my many years of grief were finally over. And I didn't even have to appear in court! Thank you guys for all your effort, and I will definitely recommend Walking and Klarich to anyone needing legal expertise. --D.N.

Google Sucks

So since day one I had no idea what would happen and was lost , I called multiple lawyers and everyone seemed allot more interested in making sure I had the money to pay rather than actually giving me any type of feedback on the case I had . Lucky for me I found wallin & klarich who actually took the time to explain things to me and how things work in the courts . They assigned SOHEIL LEVY to my case who to me is a blessing sent from a higher power. Originally if I had no kids I would have not had any issues doing jail time for the firearm charges I was fighting but since I’m a father to 6 wonderful kids I couldn’t afford to leave them alone while I took a vacation behind bars, I couldn’t run the risk of getting locked up and my kids going homeless or hungry cause of my stupid mistake. A true blessing SOHEIL LEVY was able to get me a great outcome by getting me a no jail and 35 days of community service sentence. Thank you for your hard work my kids and I truly appreciate what you did for me.


My experience with Attorney John Patrick-Lujan was excellent. My case was dismissed by the judge. Throughout this one year ordeal, Mr. Patrick Lujan listened to me intently and navigated the case to the end professionally. I am very satisfied with the results and will recommend Mr. Lujan.

Guizhen Lei

I had a case a few years ago and gregory was my attorney. He is extremely organized and great at his job. Even a few years later i have a few questions and he is still willing to answer them. i...

Alexander G. Yahoo

This law firm is one of the best in Southern California. Attorney Matthew Wallin represented my friend professionally, honestly and with an eagerness to win. His knowledge of the law and...

Lisa A. Yahoo

Attorney Gabriel Dorman, I cannot say enough about in this small space to adequately express my gratitude and appreciation. If you want an attorney that is going to tell you everything you want to hear then he is probably not the attorney to choose, however if you want an attorney that will advise you truthfully according to the law, he will defend you and your rights within the law with heart. In the end he looked me in the eyes and said “I am so happy for you” and that told me everything to know about this man. He is a good attorney, and he cares!

J Line (Jerry)

Best firm in Orange County, highly recommend and completely trust them! Garrett and Gabriel took great care of me.

niaz g

Very professional 100% recommend one of the thing is they are worth every penny I can't thank them enough

Juan M. Yahoo

I was pleased with the time, efficiency and the communication in which they handled my cases. They took their time in explaining the process case by case. Finally, they got the job done with expunging the cases I needed. Alex took most of the ownership with communicating back to me and I appreciate it so much.

Henry Diaz

Alex & Gregory an the whole team at W&L are the truth! These are excactly the type of individuals you would want fighting for you …they did such an amazing job wit my case.. Always keeping me in the loop, answering any questions i had with wisdom and confidence..im so glad an greatful i was able to hv them represent me! Some of the best lawyers in california folks look no further i promise you will not regret it!! Thankx again team !

Cameron Daniel

They do excellent work, accurate and to the point. I would highly recommend them.

Francisco “Cisco” Ramirez

Excellent and very responsive firm. I worked with Soheil Levy from Wallin and Klarich, he is a very diligent lawyer. He did everything in his power so that my case was not filed. He's always available during calls whenever needed. He explained to me everything I needed to know regarding my situation and continues to monitor my case. I highly appreciate that Mr. Soheil is a straightforward attorney and completely understands what he is doing.

julio cabrera

I was very pleased with this Law Firm and the service provided to me! They had very reasonable pricing as far as the Retainer cost went, especially for everything that was taken care of on my expungement of past cases. A huge thanks to Patrick and the rest of the Firm! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Chris Fordham

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