December 22, 2009 By Stephen Klarich reported the recent arrest of Keith Nichols in Los Angeles for sexual battery. Nichols allegedly assaulted four women whom he told that he was a photographer for “Vibe” magazine. The women allowed him to take their measurements for modeling opportunities that Nichols told them he could arrange. When he took the measurements, the women told police that he touched them in intimate areas which led to the charges. Police allege that Nichols is not in fact a “Vibe” photographer but is currently employed as a security guard. The accused has denied all of the allegations. If convicted of these offenses he is facing many years in prison as a possible sentence.

If you or a loved one is facing a sexual assault or battery charge, contact the Los Angeles sex crime defense attorneys at Wallin and Klarich. It is important to contact a sex crime defense attorney as soon as possible due to the seriousness of the charges. A sex crime conviction can result in not only jail or prison time and other stiff penalties but can have lifelong effects including requiring you to register for life as a sex offender.

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