October 4, 2012 By Stephen Klarich

If you are currently registering as a sex offender in California and would like to be removed from that list of offenders (who wouldn’t?), there may be some legal relief for you. The laws are changing very fast in this area of law and you may want to take advantage if it applies to you.

Many sex crimes allow you to file for a Certificate of Rehabilitation. This certificate is filed in the county where you live and not necessarily in the county where you were convicted. If you have lived in California 5 years prior to filing the certificate, you can qualify. If the Court grants you the certificate, it could absolve you obligation from registering as a sex offender. It also is sent to Governor Brown asking the Governor to pardon you. A Governor’s Pardon would stop you obligation from registering on any and all sex crimes and not just the one’s listed for the certificate of rehabilitation. Lately, Governor Brown has granted pardons during his current tenure as governor. In his last tenure he granted over 400 pardons. Arnold Schwarzenegger had granted a total of 7 pardons in his entire time as Governor. Your chances have never been better. If you do live in California but are registering in another state due to a California conviction of a sex crime, you can still seek a Direct Pardon from the Governor.

You also may qualify for a Hofsheier/Picklesimer Writ of Mandate. If you were convicted of oral copulation or digital penetration, you may qualify. Current law calls for “discretionary” registration and not “mandatory” registeration on these kinds of cases.

You should call the law offices of Wallin and Klarich and ask for me, Stephen Klarich. I have been helping people with their registration problems for over 32 years. I can review your current situation and advise you. If there is a way out, I assure you I will find it! Call me now, (877) 466-5245. I will be there when you call.

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