Child Molestation Articles


Can You Be Charged with Child Molestation Without Touching a Child? (PC 647.6)

There are often differences between what the law states and what the public understands the law to be. For example, when most people hear the phrase “child molestation,” they think of an incident involving the inappropriate touching of a child. However, you could be convicted of this crime without ever touching a child. Definition of Child Molestation (PC 647.6) California Penal Code Section 647.6 prohibits any person from “annoying or…

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Child Molestation: Lack of Sexual Interest as a Defense

If you are accused of child molestation in California, you are probably horrified of the devastating consequences. However, just being accused of a crime does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted, and prosecutors may have a tough time proving that you committed child molestation. Under California Penal Code section 647.6, child molestation charges can result not only from inappropriately touching a child, but also merely from words or…

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Online Child Molestation: Can You Be Convicted if You Never Touched the Victim?

Is it possible to commit child molestation without ever touching a child? Do you even have to be in the same proximity as the victim to be convicted of this crime? The crime of child molestation is generally thought to require physical contact with a victim, but the recent conviction of a California man shows that technology has changed the way this crime is prosecuted. A San Diego elementary school…

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