Sex Crimes Articles


What Makes a Sex Crime a Federal Offense?

The criminal justice system in the United States is complicated. Not only are the laws difficult to understand, but the fact that there are two separate systems of laws – federal law and state law – can also make it tough for an everyday citizen to know when he or she is breaking a law. Most sex crimes are prosecuted under state law. However, there are times when the incident…

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Can You Be Charged with a Child Pornography Crime for Watching Anime?

One of the core principles of our justice system is to protect children from sexual abuse. For this reason, laws severely punish those who produce, distribute, and possess child pornography. Most people are aware of these laws, but many people do not realize that cartoons, drawings, and animated depictions – including anime movies and manga comics or novels – of children engaged in sexual activity are also considered child pornography,…

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What is Distribution of Child Pornography? (PC 311.1(a))

When most people think of child pornography crimes, they likely think of the simple act of looking at images or video online. However, in many cases involving child pornography, the defendant is charged not only with possession of child pornography, but also with distribution of child pornography. How could you be accused of this crime? Distribution of Child Pornography in California (PC 311.1(a)) California law describes child pornography as any…

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