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Alleged Victim’s Prior Sexual Conduct in a Rape Case

Many sex crimes cases are a matter of he said, she said. When these cases go to trial, it is up to a jury to decide if the alleged victim or the defendant is telling the truth. These cases are often decided based on whether the jury finds the victim to be believable. So what can you do if you are accused of crime and there is a lack of…

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Presumed Innocent: Why Sex Crimes Have Statutes of Limitations

Recent high-profile sex cases have stirred up public opinion regarding statutes of limitations. Due to cases like Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations, renewed attention is being directed to the existence of statutes of limitations on sex-related cases. Very little focus, though, is given to the purpose and reasoning behind these statutes of limitations. While some may think statutes of limitations should be eliminated, statutes of limitations help protect the constitutional…

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The Lack of Intent Defense in Child Molestation Cases

If you are being charged with child molestation, you face severe consequences that will likely follow you for the rest of your life. However, an experienced sex crimes defense attorney may be able to defend you against these charges. One of the best possible defenses to child molestation charges is the “lack of intent” defense. Our skilled criminal attorneys may be able to use this defense to help you avoid…

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