February 1, 2011

According to the Orange County Crime Blotter, Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies were called out to La Paz and Marguerite Road on Tuesday January 25th, 2011 at 6:19pm. A 911 call was received which reported two men, standing at the side of the road and exposing their erect genitals. The men were last seen fleeing in a Black Audi 270. No plate description was obtained by the caller, and no arrests have been made.

California Penal Code Section 314 states“Every person who willfully and lewdly, either:

1.Exposes his person, or the private parts thereof, in any public place, or in any place where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed thereby; or,

2.Procures, counsels, or assists any person so to expose himself or take part in any model artist exhibition, or to make any other exhibition of himself to public view, or the view of any number of persons, such as is offensive to decency, or is adapted to excite to vicious or lewd thoughts or acts,

is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

The biggest issue related to being charged and subsequently convicted of such a crime, is the requirement that the defendant register per California Penal Code Section 290 as a sex offender. This means the defendant will have to, for the remainder of his/her life, register with their local law enforcement agency once a year on their birthday as a convicted sex offender.

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Author:Stephen D. Klarich

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