May 1, 2018 By Stephen Klarich

The criminal justice system asks a lot of jurors. Determining someone’s guilt is not easy. However, jurors are not required to understand complex topics or be experts in every category. That is why expert witnesses are often called to testify by both the prosecution and the defense.

An expert witness is a person who is allowed to testify at trial because he or she has a special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. The role of an expert witness is to provide their professional analysis and expert opinion to the court. Expert witnesses could be doctors, psychologists or anyone who has knowledge of technical matters relevant to the case.

In a sex crimes case, expert witnesses could be the key to breaking through the jurors’ biases or lack of familiarity with the evidence. Let’s explore how an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer could use expert witnesses to successfully defend you against serious criminal charges.

Using Experts Before Trial

In a sex crimes case, experts hold particular importance during the pre-trial period.

In certain cases, our skilled sex crimes defense attorneys work with experienced psychologists who provide our clients with psychological evaluations. These evaluations often help show that our client does not fit the psychological profile of someone who would commit a serious sex crime. Another expert may also be able to examine and explain why the alleged victim may have a particular motivation for making a false accusation against you.

Additionally, our experienced attorneys have relationships with medical experts. In many sex crimes cases, the alleged victim undergoes a medical evaluation to determine if there is physical evidence that the crime occurred. The medical experts that our law firm works with will review the alleged victim’s medical records and determine if there are any discrepancies that could help in the defense of our client.

Using Expert Witnesses at Trial

Expert witnesses who testify at trial could be anyone who can provide a valuable opinion relevant to your case based on experience and facts, ranging from forensic specialists who can analyze DNA evidence to law enforcement experts who can testify as to the structure and inner workings of criminal organizations.

The court will rely upon expert witnesses to provide an opinion based on the facts of the case, drawing on his or her own experience and knowledge in their particular field. This expert opinion could be used by the jury as a factor in determining whether you are guilty of the crime you are accused of.

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