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The Confrontation Clause: When are Statements of Sexual Abuse Made by a Minor Considered Testimonial?

The Confrontation Clause: When are Statements of Sexual Abuse Made by a Minor Considered Testimonial? The defendant, Benjamin Ruiz (“Defendant”), was convicted of three counts of sex crimes against his minor daughter (“Minor”) and sentenced to 44 years to life in prison. At trial, the alleged victim was found by the court to be “unavailable” to testify as a witness. The alleged victim's school counselor testified that on September 20,…

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Teen Charged With Lewd Acts After Bounce House Incident

An 18-year-old is facing up to 10 years in prison for allegedly taking photographs and touching a 7-year-old girl at a play center in Belmont, California. Tavi Benelli works at the Pump It Up Bounce House. On April 1, the girl came to the business for a birthday party. Benelli is alleged to have asked the girl to come into a private room for a bandage on a scratch. While…

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Lewd Acts with a Minor: Signs of Abuse as Evidence (PC 288(a))

Lewd or lascivious acts with a minor under California Penal Code Section 288(a) is a complex crime. In many cases, the evidence against the defendant is merely the word of the alleged victim. In these he-said/she-said cases, the prosecution will often point to “signs of abuse” as evidence. What are these signs of abuse and how important are they in a lewd acts with a minor case? Elements of Lewd…

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What Constitutes a Lewd Act? (PC 647(a))

Being accused of committing a “lewd act” is a very serious crime. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could face jail or prison time, expensive fines and lifetime registration as a sex offender. The most common question our lawyers are asked with regards to the crime of lewd acts is “what exactly is a lewd act?” The answer is complicated. Definition of a Lewd Act (PC 647(a)) Under…

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Is It a Crime to Masturbate in Your Own Home?

"Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand." – Woody Allen Most of us expect that there are certain acts that, if done in public, will almost certainly lead to an arrest and charges. For example, if you and your significant other have sex in a public place where other people could see you, you can probably expect that…

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Could You Be Labeled a Sex Offender for Streaking?

The family of Christian Adamek will forever mourn his fateful decision to pull a silly teenage stunt during an Alabama high school football game. On Friday evening, Sept. 27, 2013, 15-year-old Christian ran naked across the football field during a game at Sparkman High School. Streaking used to be considered a harmless prank in the United States. But not anymore. Today, drawing attention to yourself while naked in public is…

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I have been charged with engaging in lewd acts in a public place. What sentence do I face? (CPC 647(a))

California Penal Code section 647(a) provides that it is illegal for you to engage in or solicit anyone else to engage in lewd conduct in a public place, or a place that is open to the public. A lewd act is the touching of the genitals, buttocks, or female breast of either the prostitute or the customer for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification. If you have been charged…

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Lewd Acts with a Minor in California

Being convicted of “lewd acts with a minor” under California Penal Code 288 carries severe penalties.  Depending upon the specifics of the case, prosecutors can charge a defendant with either a felony or misdemeanor.  The differences between the two are the potential jail/prison time to be served and the amount of the fine that will be levied. Felony Penalties for Lewd Acts with a Child Felony charges subject the defendant…

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