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Wallin & Klarich prides itself in having a team of sex crimes attorneys who will fight for your defense and freedom. Let us help you today.

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Being accused of a sex crime can be very devastating and having the right sex crimes attorney can make a huge difference. Follow these 16 tips to make sure you are getting the best representation.

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Using proven Wallin & Klarich strategies, we will aggressively represent you in court. Contact us now and see why our clients have placed their trust in us.

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Wallin & Klarich was established in 1981 and throughout the past 35 years, our law firm has provided outstanding and aggressive representation to thousands of clients facing sex-related charges. Whether our clients are being accused of child molestation, indecent exposure, lewd acts, oral copulation, prostitution or rape, Wallin & Klarich has been by their side as their trusted attorney.


What Sets Wallin & Klarich Apart

We truly care about you and your family. Once you have retained Wallin & Klarich, you and your family will understand why so many people have placed their trust in our experienced lawyers to represent them in court, and why they have recommend our firm to their family and friends. As such, most of our business comes from personal referrals. We are very passionate about providing the best defense for you and helping you navigate the legal process during this difficult time.


The Wallin & Klarich Approach

We believe that being accused of a sex crime does not mean you are any less of a person. We approach your case with the same level of commitment as we would if you were a member of our own family. We have seen countless cases where clients are anxious and stressed because their attorney is not proactive in their defense, so they come to us for help. We take the time once we are retained to calmly explain the entire process to you and your family so that there are no surprises. Our clients realize quickly after hiring our law firm that they are in very good hands because of the process we meticulously go through to help them win their case.


In most cases, our clients are typically facing the loss of their freedom. In addition, they are facing the loss of their job, as well as the possibility of having to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. That is why when a client comes to us, we know that we must do everything legally possible to provide them with a well designed defense strategy.


From the first day you put your faith in us, we ask that you complete the “Wallin & Klarich homework.” Even though you are the client, you will play an active role in your defense. We ask that a complete written summary of the facts of the case from your perspective be completed. We will ask about your personal history so we can present you in the best light possible to the prosecutor and the court. We also ask that you provide us with a list of witnesses and character witnesses that can speak on your behalf. We call this the “Wallin & Klarich homework” because providing all this information can only bolster our defense for you.


After we review your homework, we will then begin to obtain evidence and other documents to build your defense. We will review police reports, as well as all medical and forensic evidence in the possession of the prosecution. We will go over the evidence with you. We will then ask you to respond to the evidence line by line. It is at that point in the case where our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys will start to attack the prosecutor’s case against you.


We Know the Local Courthouses and Procedures

When we go to court for you, we are always prepared with the knowledge of the facts of the case and a deep understanding of the law that applies to your case. Using this knowledge, we will aggressively defend you in court. With this approach, our law firm will be able to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.


The Wallin & Klarich approach has worked for more than 35 years to help our clients feel comfortable and secure knowing that there is a law firm zealously working on their side. We invite you to read the many testimonials our former clients have written about us and watch some of our client video testimonials. We believe our former clients can help you better understand why thousands of people facing sex-related charges such as yours have retained our office or referred their friends and family to our law firm yea.


Make the Right Decision by Hiring Wallin & Klarich

Hiring Wallin & Klarich means you are hiring a law firm that truly cares about you and your family. We believe in doing everything in our power to see to it that your legal rights are protected. We have seen many times where others accused of a sex crime end up with a lengthy jail or prison sentence because of the poor legal representation they received and now want our services to help them obtain a better outcome.


In a sex crimes case, your entire future is at stake. A conviction could affect where you are allowed to work and live. Do not make hiring Wallin & Klarich your last resort. We will fight for your freedom from the first day you hire us and do all we can to make certain that you receive the best result possible in your case.


Meet Our Attorneys

I founded Wallin & Klarich with the idea that every client should be treated with the upmost respect and care. More than 35 years later, we continue to operate on that principle.

I became a criminal defense attorney to make a difference in people’s lives. That is why Wallin & Klarich treats every client like a member of our own family.

I passionately believe that every client, no matter what he or she has been accused of, is a fellow human being who is deserving of compassion and zealous advocacy.

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