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Wallin and Klarich Defends Falsely Accused School Teacher Kelley Watson

Southern California's leading sex crimes attorney Mr. Paul Wallin - Senior Partner of Wall...
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Wallin & Klarich Gets Teacher Cleared of Child Molestation Charges

A teacher accused of committing lewd acts with a student was cleared of all charges in Har...
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Paul Wallin Appears in CBC Report on Yes Means Yes Law

Wallin & Klarich Senior Partner Paul Wallin appeared on a CBC report regarding the "Yes Me...
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“Paul Wallin” on Channel 10 News San Diego regarding “Corey Hogue” case

"Paul Wallin" of Wallin & Klarich gives a post arraignment interview regarding the "Corey ...
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Attorney Paul Wallin on Fox Bill O’Reilly show

Criminal defense attorney Paul Wallin of Wallin & Klarich appears on the Bill O'Reilly sh...
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Criminal Attorney Paul Wallin on the Today Show

Paul Wallin defends a teacher accused of sexual abuse on the Today Show....
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Paul Wallin Discusses Case of Teacher Accused of Lewd Acts with Minor – CA PC 288

Paul Wallin and his client discuss how Teachers can be the targets of false abuse allegati...
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Paul Wallin Gets Client Not Guilty on Felony Abuse Charges

Paul Wallin and his client discussing an abuse case on Hour Magazine....
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Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Wallin Gets Client Released

Some days, Paul J. Wallin feels a faint fear. Those days, the Tustin defense attorney has ...
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