Sex Crime Defense Articles

Should California Change HIV Disclosure Laws?

California law makes it a crime to intentionally transmit or expose others to highly contagious and deadly diseases. California also has a law that specifically makes it a crime to intentionally transmit HIV, the virus known to cause AIDS. Under Health and Safety Code Section 120291, you could be charged with a felony if you have unprotected sex with someone if you know you have HIV and do not tell…

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Intent: The Key Element in a Lewd Acts with a Minor Case (PC 288)

In many criminal cases, whether someone is guilty often comes down to intent – not whether the person intentionally committed an act, but what that person’s intentions were when he or she committed the act. One crime that requires the prosecution to show intent is lewd or lascivious acts with a minor. Under California Penal Code Section 288, you could be convicted of lewd acts with a minor if the…

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How Reliable are Sex Offender Registries?

Imagine you come home from work and turn on the local news. The station runs a story on a new mobile application that gives users information about registered sex offenders in the area. So, you download the app and search your area. To your shock, the app lists your address as the home of a sex offender. That is exactly what happened to Donald Montgomery. After seeing a story on…

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