In California, any person who has been convicted in any other court, including any state, federal, or military court, of any offense that, if committed or attempted in this state, would have been punishable as one or more of the offenses described in Section 290, must register as a sex offender in California. This means that when a person has an out-of-state conviction for a sex crime that listed under California Penal Code Section 290, such person will be required to register as a sex offender in California.

A person with an out-of-state conviction of an offense similar to one of the following offenses who is required to register in the state of conviction is not be required to register in California unless the out-of-state offense contains all of the elements of a register-able California offense in Section 290. The list of such offenses includes indecent exposure, unlawful sexual intercourse, incest, sodomy, pimping, or pandering.

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