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child pornography defense

Legal Defenses to Distribution of Child Pornography Charges (PC 311.1(a))

If you knowingly distribute, possess, produce, publicize, duplicate, sell or print child pornography in any form – including over the internet – you could be charged with a distribution of child pornography under California Penal Code Section 311.1(a). In order to convict you of distributing child pornography under PC 311.1(a), the prosecution must prove the following: You knowingly committed the act of distributing, possessing, producing, publishing, duplicating, selling or printing…

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Entrapment Defense to Child Pornography Charges (PC 311)

How do you know when a sting operation has gone too far and become a case of entrapment? Child pornography arrests are often made as a result of sting operations coordinated by law enforcement and federal agents. A conviction for child pornography charges can carry serious consequences, so it is important to know if entrapment can be used for your case. California Penal Code Section 311 states it is unlawful…

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