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California Changes Laws Regarding Where Violent Sex Offenders Can Live

Sex offenders face many restrictions in California. They may not be able to visit schools, parks or other locations where children gather, and it can be difficult for registered sex offenders to find housing. A law recently passed in California places tighter restrictions on where violent sex offenders can live. On July 10, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 255 into law. The law, known as the Protect Our…

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How Reliable are Sex Offender Registries?

Imagine you come home from work and turn on the local news. The station runs a story on a new mobile application that gives users information about registered sex offenders in the area. So, you download the app and search your area. To your shock, the app lists your address as the home of a sex offender. That is exactly what happened to Donald Montgomery. After seeing a story on…

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