April 26, 2018 By Stephen Klarich

11 Ways To Disprove False Rape Allegations (California Penal Code Section 261)

If you are convicted of rape in California under PC 261, you face up to 8 years in state prison, $10,000 in fines and lifetime registration as a sex offender. These are severe consequences. That is why you need to begin building your defense immediately.

Your first step is to hire an experienced rape defense law firm to prepare your defense strategy. At Wallin and Klarich, our skilled and knowledgeable criminal lawyers have been successfully defending people falsely accused of rape for more than 35 years.

Rape cases are often a matter of “he-said/she-said,” where the only evidence against the defendant is the word of the alleged victim. Unfortunately, this means it is very easy to be falsely accused of rape. If you are falsely accused of rape, here are some potential actions our law firm will explore to build your defense:

  1. Provide an Alibi

Having an alibi may be the best possible defense to false rape allegations. If you were not present at the location of the crime at the time it was committed, you may be able to use the alibi defense.False Rape Allegations

To establish your alibi, your Wallin & Klarich rape defense lawyer will attempt to support your alibi with witness testimony and documentary evidence detailing your location at the time of the alleged incident.

  1. Use Witness Testimony

Witnesses could be crucial in helping absolve you of false rape allegations.

Your rape defense attorney will question any potential witnesses to see if anyone can testify to the actions of both you and the alleged victim before, during and after the incident took place.

  1. Have Character Witnesses Testify About Your Good Character

Character witnesses are witnesses that may not have been present at the time of the alleged rape, but they can testify regarding your character. Having witnesses testify as to your good moral character could persuade a jury that you are not the type of person who would commit the crime of rape.

  1. Review the Alleged Victim’s Medical Reports

In some rape cases, the alleged victim may undergo a medical examination that could help determine if a rape occurred. Your skilled rape defense attorney will review the results of this examination to find out if there is any evidence of rape.

  1. Receive a Medical Evaluation

An experienced rape defense attorney may have you undergo an evaluation by a medical professional who will determine if you fit the profile of someone who would commit the crime of rape.

  1. Attack DNA Evidence

Many rape cases rely on DNA evidence to prove the defendant is guilty of rape. Your experienced rape attorney may be able to challenge the use of DNA as evidence by calling into question how police handled the evidence. If police followed improper procedures or mishandled DNA evidence in any way, your lawyer may be able to have such evidence not admitted as evidence in your case.

  1. Establish Whether the Alleged Victim was Intoxicated

Many false accusations of rape occur when one or both parties involved in the act of intercourse were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the alleged victim was intoxicated, then his or her ability to accurately recall events will be in question.

  1. Provide a Record of Your Contact with the Alleged Victim

In order to show that the sexual intercourse between you and the alleged victim was consensual, you should provide your rape defense lawyer with any text messages, social media posts and any other electronic communication you had with the alleged victim before and after the alleged incident.

This communication may show that you had a good faith belief that the sex was consensual.

  1. Find Inconsistencies in the Police Report

Your experienced rape attorney will be able to see the statement the alleged victim provided to law enforcement with details about the alleged rape. If there are inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story, you may have a valid defense to rape charges.

  1. Determine a Motive

A good rape defense attorney will always question the character and motive of the alleged victim. If an allegation is false, it’s crucial to understand the reasoning behind it. Was the alleged victim attempting to cover up an affair by characterizing consensual sex as rape? Has the alleged victim previously accused anyone else of rape? If a pattern of false statements is found, it may be a winning defense to rape charges.

  1. Establish Your Relationship with the Alleged Victim

An existing relationship with the alleged victim could potentially establish a narrative for the false rape accusation. If you and the alleged victim had a dating relationship, your attorney can bring up your sexual history to establish that consensual sex has occurred in the past.

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  1. Hi i have take care of my nieces for 15 years . though i dont have the custody my mom does .. My sisters who live in phoenix afew days we went to phx have a discussion and took the girls and my mom with no consent they have missed 5 days of school we live in calexico and now they blaming me for rape .or abuse .. Its wrong all the time my nieces had social worker and therapy and they would had show any signs i mean why now that they beeing forced .. What can i do my nieces are 12 and 15

    1. Hi Vicente,

      These are very serious allegations against you. You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to help you fight rape and child abuse charges. Call us at (877) 466-5245 so we can discuss your case in detail and begin helping you.

      We look forward to your call.

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