January 18, 2012 By Stephen Klarich

Impersonating Someone’s Spouse Can Lead to a Rape Charge

If you are ever accused of rape, it is important to hire an experienced Southern California Sex Crimes attorney. There are several different factors that could lead to someone being accused of rape. One way that some might not have previously thought of is impersonating an individual’s spouse.

The thought of that might sound ridiculous, but it can happen. Imagine you’re at a party and you’ve had a few too many drinks. You crawl into bed, and later, someone crawls into bed with you. Its dark, you’re intoxicated and the person says they are your husband or wife. Even if at the time the sex was consensual, because it happened as the result of deception, that is considered rape under California Penal Code 261(a).

Cases like this must be defended aggressively. If you are convicted of rape, the consequences could be immense. You will likely have to register as a sex offender. You could face up to eight years in prison and a fine. For these reasons, it is important that you hire an experienced sex crimes lawyer from Wallin & Klarich to defend your rights.

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