December 9, 2014 By Stephen Klarich

Is Entrapment a Legal Defense When Sting Operations Were Used to Arrest Me?

Before knowing if you can use entrapment as a legal defense when a sting operation was used on you, you need to know the difference between sting operations and entrapment in the eyes of the law.

Sting Operation

If you feel the police entrapped you in your arrest, call us today.
Did the police illegally use entrapment against you?

A sting operation is a carefully constructed plan used by the authorities to catch a person who is believed to be committing crimes while they are in the act of committing the crime.

One way to do this is to conduct research and plan and execute an operation where the authorities either partake in or are in place to witness the crime as it takes place.

While sting operations are commonly used in the U.S., other countries consider these operations as unlawful police conduct.


Law enforcement can create an opportunity for a suspected criminal to commit a crime, but going too far in doing so could be considered entrapment. Entrapment occurs when law enforcement influences or induces a person to commit a crime that the person would have been unlikely to commit on his/her own.

Entrapment a Legal Defense When Sting Operations Were Used for an Arrest

If you believe that law enforcement officers persuaded, coerced, or induced you to commit a crime, your experienced criminal defense attorney can argue that entrapment was used to arrest you. Your attorney can prove that law enforcement used the following improper conduct in order to entrap you:

  • Law enforcement approached or informed you about the idea for the crime,
  • You were persuaded, coerced, or induced to commit the crime by law enforcement, and
  • You did not plan on committing the crime before being approached or informed about the crime by law enforcement.

If your skilled criminal defense lawyer uses entrapment as your defense, law enforcement will have to prove to the court that you were predisposed (willing and able) to commit the crime before law enforcement motivated you to do so.

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