July 8, 2021 By Stephen Klarich

Federal Court Grants Significant Downward Departure In Child Pornography Sentencing

A Wallin and Klarich client was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to the distribution of child pornography.  In addition to the penalties for distributing the materials, the client was facing enhancements for possessing approximately 700 images and 1,000 videos, distributing materials in exchange for something of value, and possessing sadistic images.  The sentencing guidelines in federal court for child pornography offenses are extremely harsh, with a suggested minimum sentencing of 151 months and a maximum suggested sentence of 188 months. Child pornography offenders face sentences similar to sentences for attempted murder or committing lewd acts on a minor, even in cases with no allegations that any touching occurred.

United States v. Booker

 Sentencing guidelines have gone from mandatory to advisory after a 2005 United States Supreme Court decision, United States v Booker. If our client pleads guilty, our focus is to present mitigation evidence to the judge in an attempt to convince them to sentence our clients outside of the sentencing guidelines, meaning a lower sentence in custody.

In this case, we provided the court with character letters from our client’s family and friends and provided mitigation showing our client had a difficult and abusive childhood. Our firm, Wallin & Klarich, directed our client to enroll and attend individual counseling to address his behaviors from issues with alcoholism and depression immediately after our client was contacted by law enforcement. Sex Crimes Defense Orange County Wallin & Klarich

 At sentencing, the judge agreed that despite the seriousness of the offense and the sentencing guidelines recommendation of a sentence from 151-188 months, that he would depart and sentence our client to 96 months in custody. This is over a third less than the bottom of the guidelines recommendation. Additionally, our judge recommended that our client attend an in-patient drug and alcohol program that could further reduce the time from his sentence.  Although it was difficult for our client’s family to see him go into custody, they appreciated that our experienced attorneys were able to convince the judge to consider the significant mitigating factors and grant a substantial reduction of our client’s sentence.

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