September 7, 2023 By Stephen Klarich

While many people believe that they have their freedom back after registering as a sex offender, there are many things registered sex offenders cannot do. If you or someone you know is a registered sex offender in California, it’s important to know what activities are off limits. Doing any of the following could result in being charged with a crime and facing hefty consequences.

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Live near schools or parks

In California, distance restrictions are put in place for registered sex offenders. They are not allowed to live within a certain distance from schools, parks, or any other places where children are known to gather. Violation of these distance rules is a serious offense and can lead to penalties or even imprisonment. Understanding and adhering to these residential restrictions is crucial for registered sex offenders to avoid legal complications.

Travel Freely

While registered sex offenders are typically allowed to travel to any other state as long as they meet the registration requirements in the state they wish to travel to, there are some exceptions. Registered sex offenders are bound by the restrictions laid out in their parole. This can include probation or mandatory supervision. If traveling out of state would violate one of the conditions of their parole, registered sex offenders are typically not allowed to travel out of state. To move to another state, registered sex offenders typically need to get clearance from their parole officers and must adhere to the new state’s guidelines for registered sex offenders. 

Additionally, traveling internationally can be burdensome or not allowed for registered sex offenders depending on their case. If traveling internationally would violate the terms of their parole, registered sex offenders will not be permitted to go. If traveling internationally would not violate the terms of their parole, registered sex offenders must still adhere to specific guidelines before departing. Specifically, they will need to notify the state in which they live at least three weeks before leaving and provide a detailed itinerary of their trip and plans. 

If you are unsure whether or not you are allowed to leave the state in which you reside, contact one of our experienced attorneys at Wallin & Klarich today for step-by-step guidance. 

Living with a minor

While registered sex offenders are typically allowed to live with their families, they must adhere to strict guidelines including:

  • More than one sex offender cannot live together unless they are related by blood or marriage.
  • Registered sex offenders may not live with minors under the age of 18 if stated in the terms of their parole.

Not adhering to these guidelines can result in severe penalties and consequences. If you are unsure whether or not your living situation is permissible, contact your parole officer or one of our experienced attorneys today. 

Working with a minor

In addition to the harsh penalties that come with a sex crime conviction, looking for employment after can also be difficult. In California, registered sex offenders are strictly prohibited from working in any capacity that directly involves minors. This includes roles where they might be entrusted with the care, custody, control, or supervision of a minor – not just in terms of employment, but also in voluntary and informal circumstances. This rule extends to jobs in schools, daycare centers, youth sports leagues, private tutoring or mentoring, and similar settings. Violating this rule could lead to serious criminal charges and severe penalties. It is imperative for registered sex offenders to understand these work restrictions and ensure compliance to protect their rights and to avoid any further legal troubles. If you have any uncertainty relating to employment and interaction with minors, consult with one of our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich.  

Owning a firearm

Registered sex offenders in California are strictly prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. This includes not just handguns, but also rifles, shotguns, and other types of guns. The prohibition extends to any kind of firearm regardless of whether it is operational or not. This law is in place to prevent potential harm to the public. If found in possession of a firearm, a registered sex offender could face serious criminal charges and severe penalties. Therefore, understanding and complying with this restriction is crucial. For any uncertainties, it’s always prudent to seek advice from a defense attorney. Contact our office today!

Freely use the internet

In California, registered sex offenders are legally obligated to disclose to law enforcement all their internet identities and online names. This includes usernames, email addresses, and other identifiers they use on social media platforms, forums, chat rooms, or any other online platforms. This law is designed to prevent offenders from using the anonymity of the internet to engage in illegal activities. Failure to report online identities can result in serious legal consequences. As always, reach out to a defense attorney for any uncertainties regarding this law and its implications. Contact our office today!

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