January 31, 2019 By Stephen Klarich

What is a Pretext Phone Call in a Sex Crimes Case?

If you are under investigation for a sex crime, you need to be on your guard, because the police will likely resort to tactics and tricks that can cause you to unwittingly incriminate yourself.

One technique in particular can be very effective if you are not careful: the pretext phone call. Here’s how law enforcement will attempt to get you to incriminate yourself without you ever knowing they are listening to you:

What is a Pretext Phone Call?

The best evidence against you is a confession. Knowing this, investigators will use whatever means necessary to coerce you into confessing to a crime. To do so in sex crimes cases – especially sex crimes involving children – police will often set up a “pretext phone call.”Pretext Phone Call in a Sex Crimes Case

A pretext call is where the alleged victim, the alleged victim’s parents or another person calls you. What you won’t realize is that the police are listening in and recording the conversation.

The alleged victim will make statements such as: “How could you do this to me?” or “You need to make this right.” He or she might tell you about nightmares he or she is having or suggest that he or she needs to go to counseling due to the incident. These statements are intended to provoke an emotional response. This could lead you to unknowingly make incriminating statements, such as “I’m sorry.”

Is a Pretext Phone Call Legal?

Normally, it is against California law to record a conversation without the consent of all parties involved in the call. However, there is an exception under PC 633 that allows for the recording of phone calls made for the purpose of a criminal investigation.

How You Should Handle a Pretext Phone Call?

Pretext phone calls can when you least expect them. They may occur on the anniversary of the alleged incident or on the victim’s birthday. A call could come years after the alleged incident.

The best way to avoid incriminating yourself during a pretext phone call is to avoid taking the call. If you think you could be under investigation for a sex crime, do not answer calls from unknown numbers, the alleged victim or law enforcement. Do not respond to text messages or emails.

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