October 23, 2009 By Stephen Klarich

Why You Need an Experienced Southern California Sex Crimes Attorney

State laws in California regarding sex offenses have considerably changed in the last thirty years. The penalties for persons convicted of most sex crimes have increased dramatically. There are many crimes for which a person can be sentenced to fifteen years to life or even much longer.

Advances in forensic science can now be used by prosecutors to provide evidence that can be used to obtain convictions in cases, where in the past convictions would have been impossible. The use of DNA evidence is just one example of this type of potentially damaging testimony.

California’s Proposition 83 increases penalties for violent and habitual sex offenders and child molesters by prohibiting registered sex offenders from residing within 2,000 feet of any school or park and by requiring lifetime GPS monitoring of all felony registered sex offenders.

However, the fact that you are accused of a sex offense does not mean you are guilty. Many individuals who are prosecuted every year in California are wrongfully accused. However, many of these same people end up in prison due in great part to having an inadequate law firm fighting for them.

If you or someone you love is being charged with a sex crime, you must realize that it is extremely serious and that it can impact the rest of your life. Call the California experienced sex crime defense attorneys at Wallin & Klarich today at (877) 466-5245 and let us help you fight these charges with our experience of over 30 years in defending people accused of criminal offenses including sex crimes.

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