November 4, 2009 By Stephen Klarich

California, and Federal, child pornography laws make it illegal to produce, advertise, sell, distribute or possess images depicting children engaged in stimulating sexual conduct. Offenders face prosecution, jail time, and sometimes even state prison.

The internet has become the primary medium through which people search for, purchase, and obtain child pornography. Numerous clandestine sites exist that furnish or sell images and videos of naked children, sometimes engaged in apparent sexual activity.

To combat this problem, local, federal and California state authorities operate numerous internet sting operations designed to nab people on both the sales and buying sides of these transactions. On the sales side, decoy cops search the internet for vendors of child porn. They pose as purchasers, and then they locate the sellers and make arrests.

On the buying side of the internet sting operations, authorities set up decoy sites purporting to sell child pornography. Once they obtain the ISP address and credit card information of the purchaser, they move in and arrest the suspects.

At a more casual level, decoy cops frequently participate in pedophile chat rooms and peer to peer networks, luring participants to share child porn materials. Or they enter teen discussion groups or social network sites, posing as children and seeking to start conversations with snooping adult predators.

The purpose of these internet stings is two-fold. First and foremost, the authorities seek to identify, arrest, and prosecute child predators and those who participate in the child pornography trade. Second, the police are seeking to cast the internet as a dangerous place for such activities…and thus to discourage online offenders.

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