October 20, 2015 By Stephen Klarich
sex crimes electronic devices
Electronic evidence is often used in many sex crimes cases in order to help the prosecution build a strong case against you.

In today’s modern age, more and more people are using computers to conduct their lives. Whether it be smartphones, tablets, lap tops, etc., police and prosecutors are using these devices to help build a case against anyone charged with a sex offense. Often times, the suspect may send e-mails, visit illegal websites, perhaps call from cell phones, text message or tweet conversations that can later be retrieved by the police and used against that suspect in court. Even without an admission by a suspect or a “questionable” alleged victim, computer evidence can be used to corroborate a victim’s allegation of sexual abuse. E-mails, text messages, tweets and other forms of electronic communications are becoming tools by the prosecution to convict defendants charged with sex crimes.

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